Langford 2022 Council Candidates

 Six Councillors ot be Elected

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Candidates Declared as of August 15th

  1. Shirley Ackland - former mayor of Port McNeill
  2. Kimberley Guiry - Langford Now
  3. Colby Harder - Langford Now
  4. Mark Morley - Langford Now
  5. Lillian Szpak - Incumbent
  6. Mary Wagner - Langford Now
  7. Keith Yacucha - Langford Now

All Candidates Meetings:

Might Run

  • Denise Blackwell - Incumbent
  • Matt Sahlstrom - Incumbert
  • Lanny Seaton - Incumbent
  • Norma Stewart - Incumbent
  • Roger Wade - Incumbent
2 council candidates have received the Victoria Labour Council endorsement.   Details of the names as candidates release them or end of August when the VLC makes the full list public.

Recent Election Results

History and Trivia

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