Oak Bay 2022 Council Candidates

 Six Councillors to be Elected

This is a work in progress, please email snassillahie@gmail.com if you know of any relevant information

Candidates Declared as of August 12th

  • Carrie Smart

Relevant Links to the Election

  • Oak Bay Local Facebook Page
  • Oak Bay Elections site
  • Vibrant Victoria Discussion Thread

All Candidates Meetings

Might Run

  • Andrew Appleton - incumbent
  • Hazel Braithwaite - Incumbent
  • Cairine Green - incumbent
  • Tara Ney - incumbent
  • Esther Paterson i incumbent
  • Eric Wood Zhelka - incumbent
One council candidate has received the Victoria Labour Council endorsement.   Details of the name as candidate release it or end of August when the VLC makes the full list for the region public.

Recent Election Results

History and trivia

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