Thursday, November 17, 2016

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Number of Women and Men Elected in the CRD

The CCPA report of the best city in Canada for women said it was the CRD and noted that Victoria council had five women out of nine on the City of Victoria council but missed out that the main municipality in the CRD only has three women out of nine positions.   This made me think about how many women are elected in this region

Here is a list of men and women elected in this region:

Postion   Women  Men
MPs         2     1.5 (one MP is only partly in the CRD)
MLAs        3     4
Mayors      5     8
Councilors 37    42
TOTAL      47    55.5
           45.9% 54.1%

For MP and MLA this measure is fine but there is a significant difference between being a mayor or councilor in Saanich than in the Highlands.  I went through and pro rated the councils based on population, the result was not dramatically different.

The biggest gap between elected men and women is among mayors where it is eight men to five women.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Malling of the Saanich Peninsula

There are 23,000 people live in North Saanich and Sidney, a rise of only 1000 people over the last ten years.   There two proposed retail developments west of Highway #17 - Sandown Commons  and the recently proposed Sidney Gateway.

Sandown Commons has been in planning for going on five years now and is expected to eventually be about 160,000 square feet in size

Sidney Gateway has just started the approval process but Sidney seems to be moving quickly on it.   It is planned to be 100,000 square feet.

This is a total of 260,000 square feet of new retail space all to the west of the highway and not close to where anyone lives.    Here are my issues with them:

  • The demand to cross Highway #17 at Beacon is going to increase and this will cause traffic backups because of the ferries
  • At the moment Sidney has a walkable downtown core.   You can drive there, park your car and do all your business.    These developments disperse the retail environment of Sidney in a bad way
  • Sidney already has all the stores that people need.   Three grocery stores for 23,000 people seems more than is really needed   If each new development has a 40,000 square foot grocery store of some sort I really have to wonder where the customers will come from to keep them in business
  • Finally, this is a perfect case for joint planning my North Saanich and Sidney.   At the moment the two developments seem to be causing strife between the councils.

I discussed this today on CFAX .

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Who Speaks for this Region?

We have a problem that in a region of 320,000 people and only 25% of those people live in the municipality that gives the region its name. 

Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Kelowna and many other Canadian cities have a clear person who speaks for the region. These cities all benefit from having a single clear voice to speak for it.

We are known as Victoria, or Greater Victoria, and not as the CRD when we talk about things around here. In theory the mayor of Victoria should defacto speak for the region but Saanich represents more than 1/3 of the population - this is not just a small amount more than Victoria but a significant amount.

In the absence of of an amalgamated municipality it would make senes to have the head of the CRD be the voice of the region but with the current regional district model in BC the chair of a regional district is not the same as a mayor. A further problem is that the CRD reprsents areas that are not part of Greater Victoria.

Without clear leadership our region will continue to limit along going nowhere.