Sunday, November 21, 2010

City of Victoria 2010 By-Election and Bridge Referendum Results

  • Marianne Alto   4529
  • Barry Hobbis    3220
  • Steve Filipovic 2280
  • Rose Henry      1799
  • Sue Woods       1361
  • Paul Brown      1065
  • Saul Andersen    331
  • Hugh Kruzel      330
  • George Sirk      299
  • Pedro Mora       116
  • Rimas Tumasonis   59
TOTAL - 15389
  • Yes  10020
  • No    6522
TOTAL - 16542

There were 1153 people that voted in the referendum but did not vote for a council candidate, that is 7% of the votes cast in the referendum.

Marianne Alto has a very clear win.  Even if one were to combine Barry Hobbis and Susan Woods' votes, it would still barely beat Mariane Alto.   Even though she did not break through 30% of the vote, she had a large margin of victory and it can not be put down to vote splitting.

If one looks at the votes from a left/right perspective, the left (Alto, Filipovic, Henry, Andersen and Sirk) polled 9238 versus the right (Hobbis, Woods, Brown and Kruzel) at 5976.   This is 60% left and 40% right, almost exactly the same split as the referendum.

The election of Marianne Alto means that Victoria city council is down to one person elected to council as a Green.   I have no idea if Phillipe Lucas will run as a Green in 2011 or not, but he and Sonya Chandler were elected as Greens to city council though are at odds with their own political party at the moment.
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