Monday, November 15, 2010

Observations on the City of Victoria Campaign

Here are some observations I have about the campaign to date:

Campaign signs:
I have seen signs for Susan Woods (and not just the one on my lawn), Barry Hobbis, George Sirk, Rose Henry and Steve Filipovic.   Clearly the leader in signs is Steve Fililpovic, hard to miss all the ones he has up.   George Sirk and Rose Henry are using home made signs, a smart thing to do in a campaign where it would cost way too much to make enough signs to cover the city.

Door to door:
So far no one has come to my door, in 2008 two candidates did come to my door.   The ones I know that are doing door to door are: Barry Hobbis, Steve Filipovic, Susan Woods, Marianne Alto, and Rose Henry. I have heard of any of the other candidates going door to door

Burma Shaving:
I am aware of Marianne Alto and Steve Filipovic doing this but no one else.

I understand that Marianne Alto's campaign is calling people.   Barry Hobbis' campaign has made use of automated calling to call all the landlines in the City of Victoria.

I have seen posters up for Paul Brown and Steve Filipovic

Leaders in the Race:
Barry Hobbis on top with Steve Filipovic behind him but retaining that wildcard of the party name on the ballot.   Marianne Alto some way behind the top two and will finish third unless something dramatic happens to enliven her campaign.

No one else will be coming close to winning.

One last observation, George Sirk has more knowledge and experience than all the other candidates combined when it comes to sitting on a local council, he was elected to an up island regional district a number of times and therefore knows how local government works from the point of view of someone that has sat on council.
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