Thursday, October 18, 2018

Trevor Barry Surprised Me - I am voting for him for Saanich Council

I have to admit when I saw Trevor Barry at the first All Candidates Meeting in Gordon Head, I thought he was not taking the process seriously and was only running as sort of a statement. I basically dismissed him as a serious candidate.  It turns out that I completely misread him.  This is a candidate that we should put on council.

At the all candidates meetings you only get to hear a few minutes from each candidate, so it took me a number of them to see that Trevor comes up with smart, innovative and unique solutions very quickly.  I can see that he is someone different from anyone that has been on Saanich council in the past (or at least as far back I can remember which is about 35 years.)

I had a chance to have a coffee with Trevor one evening this week and I have become a convert and a strong supporter.

Here is why you should consider Trevor Barry for Saanich council:

  • He has the sort of mind that looks for new solutions; he is not wedded to the status quo
  • He is very knowledgeable about infrastructure and planning -- and a very fast learner
  • He contributes smart, useful ideas and has a record of delivering (I found about this from my partner who sat on a committee with him re safe bicycle commuting)
  • He is positive and an optimist --  but also realistic
  • He is running because he believes he can offer something to better our community through the council table
  • He is willing to take risks
  • He walks to a different drum saxophone and has a song in his heart

While I would be thrilled to see Trevor elected on October 20, I am realistic about his chances: he entered the race late and has flown a bit too far under the radar to have strong hope of winning.
However, I believe that we should support him in this election and see if we can make it happen.
If Trevor doesn't win a seat this time around, my hope is that he will run and win a seat in the next election in 2022 because his creative mind and energy would be a huge boost for Saanich.

I support Trevor Barry for Saanich Council.

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