Saturday, November 15, 2008

Election Results

I will post as full a report as is possible tomorrow.

From the quick view of what I have seen so far, very few incumbents have been defeated for council positions.

I had thought that the race in Langford would have been closer, but the Mayor Stew Young's slate won a resounding landslide in the election. Steve Hurdle of the Langford team came closest, but he was close to 25% short the last winning candidate, the rest of the Langford team were quite aways behind that.

North Saanich seems to have voted strongly against the vision of Ted Daly and the North Saanich Association of Voters.

Saanich has finished almost as I expected, though I do not have the full details yet.

In Victoria I do not know any detailed results, but it looks like Dean Fortin has won as mayor is a narrow race. Looks like the existing incumbents along with Lynn Hunter, Philipe Lucas and John Luton on the council.

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