Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow in the city

Tillicum Mall two years ago - lots more snow
Victoria is beyond belief in the snow.    I am amazed at how many schools and public locations like rec centres and libraries are closing early.    This in the face of transit still running and not problems to get back home.

 I would post some pictures, but the lighting made all of the ones I took very boring.  Instead I am posting some pics I took in December 2008 when we got a bit of snow.

See we get snow here, this is two years ago
I have known for several days that snow as coming today, do people not believe the forecast?    How could anyone have managed to go to work and not be prepared for the snow?

There have been huge numbers of car accidents, I find this astonishing as people knew there was snow and still drove.    I would not drive my minivan today, but our truck has good tread tires and is four wheel drive and I am comfortable driving in these conditions, though I keep a large distance from all the other drivers.
Prius driving in worse conditions

In most years there is some sort of snow in this region, how can people not remember from year to year how to deal with it?   I grew up in Tsawwassen and there was snow there every winter and there were people who could not deal with it, but was never this bad.

So how much snow have we had? About three centimetres.   Really?!?!?!  Are you seriously kidding me that this is enough to shut the city?

I know am sounding like a ranting cranky old man, but I guess I am claiming that as my right now that I am 45!

I should not moan about Victoria, London was even worse.   I remember there was a forecast for snow so I headed in the office in Oxford Street early, I left half an hour earlier and got to work on time.   Out of an office of 50 I was the first in and only six of us made it in at all for the day.   The English make the people of Victoria look like they are from Terrace.

Personally I love the snow and would take every time over rain.

This was the view from my place at Pavilion Lake in the winter
I had a 1000 hectare frozen lake to walk with my dog
This is the view from my house in Lillooet
on December 23rd 2000

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