Monday, April 23, 2012

150 years ago two Germans got into a knife fight over the right way to make bread

I love reading the old copies of the British Colonist from 150 years ago.  

I both understand and find it crazy that two German men would get into a knife about how to make bread.     People from a English, Scottish, Welsh, or Irish background really do not understand how serious Germans take bread.   When I lived in London in the early 1990s all us German types met we up would immediately talk about where one might be able to get a decent loaf of bread.   My work required me to go to Germany a couple times a month so I could at least bring home a decent loaf each time.

Here is a listing from April 23rd 1862 of the sale of a house and lot on Quadra Street.   $970 does not sound like a lot and given the high demand for workers in BC and on Vancouver Island, this is about the same as one year's income for a general labourer.   On the eastern side of the continent that same person would have earned something like $400 to $450 a year.     The wages of the era speak of a difference in prices of 50 to 100 times higher now.  

Land was plentiful, so it does not surprise me that the value is what strikes me as a low, however I slice it, the cost of that house brought forward to 2012 is about $100,000

Meanwhile room and board in a hotel would run you $10 to $11 a week.   $2 a night for room and board works out to something like $100 to $200 .   The $0.75 per single meal works out to something like $38 to $80 a meal.   The reality is that one can not really compare costs and wages over 150 years, there are too many things that have changed to make an accurate estimate.

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