Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We are taking part in the UrbaCity Challenge June 10th courtesy of Jack FM

Courtesy of a draw at Jack FM, I won entries for Sheila and myself in the 2012 UrbaCtiy Challenge.  This is totally cool.   It is not the Amazing Race, but for a one day challenge, it will suffice.

Sheila and I have long debated about how good a team we would make on the Amazing Race, this will give us the chance to find out.

The race will start at Save-On-Arena at 10 am on June 10th.   We will have four hours to complete as many of the challenges as we can.

I am sure we will have lots to say about the race when it is over.


Mike Laplante said...

I was just reading about this in Monday Magazine.
Do take lots of photos -- if you can -- and followup with a blog entry to let us know how it turned out...

Mike Laplante said...

Bernard, did you know you can set up your background image to stay 'static' i.e. not scroll up and down with the page?

It makes for a more polished look. (See my Alternate Tales from the West Coast Café blog... you'll see the background -- coffee mug -- stays fixed when you scroll down the page).

Did you mean to for your page background to move too? If not, go into the Blogger Template Designer via Design (upper left of your blog dashboard) then click the Customize button to the left side of your screen.

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