Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Did you know the Victoria/Oak Bay boundary splits houses in two?

Not only do we have too many local governments within a set of boundaries that a monkey on crack would not draw on a map, some of those boundaries split properties between Oak Bay and Victoria.

How can these properties be developed, or even renovated, in the future when you have two conflicting building bylaws and two conflicting zoning bylaws in effect?

The black line is the Oak Bay - Victoria boundary.
This is Gonzales Hill area - the end of Barkley Terrace is in Victoria
345 and 339 on Foul Bay Road are split

301 Denison Road has hte house split it two
at 330 Denison the house is in Victoria but all the access is from Oak Bay

Runnymede is the road running across this picture
2004 Runnymede and 825 Foul Bay both have houses split into two municipalities
839 and 831 Foul Bay have the houses in Oak Bay but the access in Victoria
This Foul Bay Road just north of McNeill
The panhandle lot at 934 Foul Bay, what bylaws govern it?

969 and 975 Brighton Crescent has houses split in two.
Which police has jurisdiction?
Do the backyards and front yards have to conform to different tree bylaws?
How about keeping chickens?
The final area with split properties

I highlight these properties because they simply show utterly inane our municipal boundaries are in Victoria.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting! During the depression era, my mother used to live on Sylan Lane on Gonzales Hill. Now she wishes to buy a house in either Oak Bay or East Saanich. These valid issues about the Victoria-Oak Bay boundaries make one want to reconsider possible future problems in development and real estate. Thank you for bringing this to light. :-)