Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Agreement is reached on a residential care facility at Mount View Hieghts

The CRD, BC and Baptist Housing have finally signed the agreement to build a new 260 bed residential care facility for the Mount View Heights site.  This has been coming for some time but it is nice to see that is now moving forward and one more piece to the redevelopment of the 8.37 acre site.

The site was once the Mount View High School from 1932 to 1974.  From the 1970s to 1990s this was the Carey Road campus of Camosun College.  The finally use was as a Christian private schools.

The site now has low income housing CRD housing - Olympic View is one part that is complete.

There is a full site plan for the location that will see more housing, some offices and the seven story residential care facility.  The site will eventually have between 500 and 650 people living on it.

From the CRD website

The location will be next to Carey Place, an affordable seniors rental building already operated by Baptist Housing.  

Will this be enough to have an impact in the area on shopping, recreation needs and transit?  I do not think so though with the addition of Uptown Place nearby it all lends weight to more and higher density which is something that should be considered along Carey Road but is not contemplated with the Carey LAP.  The Saanich Core LAP should be extended westwards

As I understand it, the beds will be not be new beds but replacing ones at Mount Edwards Court Care Home and Central Care Home.  When I add up the units involved, 83 and 147 respectively, I get to 230 but the new facility offers 260 units, that says to me an increase of 30 units.

I am curious to know what will happen to Mount Edwards on Vancouver and Meares and Central Care at Johnson between Quadra and Blanshard.   The Mount Edwards building is a registered heritage building so all I can see is some sort of high end condo conversion of that building.

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