Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Today's M3.3 Earthquake at 3:20 pm and the M1.4 one at 4:25 pm

I felt the earthquake today, well I should say I heard it, it was rather loud but out house did not seem to move.  If you felt it you should report what you felt to NRCAN.

The earthquake was located just south of Goldstream Lake. What is interesting is that this is the sixth small quake in the last five and half days.   The other five were all small and one of them was hour after the one people felt.

M    Location             Date    Time     Coords           Depth

1.4  9km WNW of Langford Aug 29 4:25:26PM 48.498°N 123.616°W 23.1
3.3 10km WNW of Langford Aug 29 3:20:33PM 48.497°N 123.622°W 23.2
1.4  9km WNW of Langford Aug 28 7:43:08AM 48.492°N 123.612°W 23.2
1.1 10km WNW of Langford Aug 24 5:04:24AM 48.495°N 123.633°W 21.5
0.8 10km WNW of Langford Aug 24 5:03:49AM 48.495°N 123.623°W 21.9

Earthquakes often come in clusters and I have noticed an ongoing cluster near Princeton of small quakes for several months.   Not that long ago in April there were about seven or eight M4.6 to M4.9 quakes off of the northwest end of the Island.    On the 19th and 20th there were 13 quakes near the Cascadia subduction zone ranging from M2.4 to M5.2

The event reminds me that the Big One is not the only earthquake we need to worry about around here, we could also get one of those smaller Christchurch earthquakes.  I need to get a bit more serious about making sure our preparations are all in place.

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John Newcomb said...

US Geological Service, pinpointed earthquake as being only 200 metres from (and below) big dam holding back Sooke Lake Reservoir. Click here to see USGS map of earthquake position: