Sunday, April 14, 2013

Why not 25 or more municipalities in the CRD?

If the current 13 municipalities make sense, why not increase the number?   There are two directions from which we could have more local governments, one is to split up the two large municipalities and the other is incorporate the unincorporated areas.

The arguments for the status quo of 13 municipalities naturally make the case for the creation of another 10 to 16 more municipalities in our region.   All the justifications I hear for the existence of View Royal, North Saanich and other smaller municipalities are ones that logically demand the creation of Vic West and Tillicum/Gorge as municipalities as well.
Boundaries for a proposed Broadmead municipality

The area and population of Broadmead make it well within the norm of municipalities in this region.   It is by many definitions a more complete community than various existing municipalities that already exist like North Saanich, Metchosin or even Oak Bay.  At least in Broadmead you could buy gas for your car.

Splitting off from an existing municipality is not unheard of in BC.   Central Saanich itself was created by leaving Saanich.

Broadmead, along with with other neighbourhoods in Victoria and Saanich, makes sense in terms of scale when compared to other municipalities in this region.  If we are to have Oak Bay, Central Saanich, View Royal and Esquimalt it only makes sense to aim for 10,000 to 20,000 people in municipalities.  Saanich should be split into six to eight new municipalities and Victoria into five to seven.

Otter Point/Shirley 
The population is small, only about 375 people but we have municipalities than that in BC.   Certainly their future development is currently not really under their own control and that alone makes for a very good case to create a new municipality west of Sooke.

The population of Highlands is closer to Otter Point/Shirley than any other existing municipality in this region. If Highlands makes sense as a local government then Otter Point/Shirley does.

Other unincorporated areas that could form municipalities are East Sooke and Port Renfrew.

The idea of even more local governments will make many people shake their heads but it is inevitable there will be more in the future if we do not move towards amalgamating local governments.   No boundaries will exist forever we do not live in a static world.

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Mike Laplante said...

I shake my head at these people who insist our current situation -- numerous small municipalities -- works best for the region. These people must be shut-ins who never get out past their front door to see their larger community or read their local papers to see the problems being created first hand under our current situation.