Wednesday, May 07, 2014

ALR in Saanich

There are some "interesting" chunks of agricultural land reserve in Saanich.    A fair amount of it is parks, two schools are on ALR land and six golf courses.   Golf courses have not been an allowed use for ALR for over 22 years now.

Parks with some or all of the land in ALR

  • Cuthbert Holmes Park 5 hectares on the western end of the park
  • Cedar Hill Golf Course and Park - 48 hectares - this is not all of the park but 5 hectares on the eastern edge of the park is not in ALR
  • Beckwith park 8.2 ha is in the ALR, and 0.75 ha is not
  • Christmas Hill 0.33 ha is in the ALR next to Rogers elementary
  • Swan Lake 32 ha is in, 
  • Mount Doug 1.5 ha on the south flank
  • Elk Lake 24 ha at north west end - 60 ha on the east shore, 6.8 ha west side of Beaver Lake
  • Small park at the end of Story Land 1.2 ha
  • Lochside park 4.5 ha
  • Colquitz Park near north end 0.33 ha
  • Blekinsop Lake Park 3.2 ha
  • Quick's Bottom Park 18 ha, but a small amount is out on the north end
  • Prospect lake park 2.4 ha next to Prospect Elementary
  • Brodrick Park 0.5 ha 
  • Layeritz 20 ha in the ALR and 7.8 ha is out
  • Rithet's Bog 41 ha  small bits are outside of it
  • Bear Hill Regional Park 10.5 ha is in the ALR, most is out
  • Cuthbert Holmes - the ALR land is the faint brown diagonal lines
  • TOTAL 287.5 ha in parks

Schools in the ALR

  • 3.4 ha of Rogers Elementary is on ALR
  • Prospect Lake Elementary 3 ha
  • TOTAL in ALR 6.4 ha

Rogers Elementary - all ALR
Golf Courses within the ALR

  • 49 hectares in Cordova Bay Golf Course, part of the course is outside of the ALR
  • 16.8 ha of the Mount Doug Golf Course, which is all of it
  • 7.6 ha Victoria Golf Academy on Blenkinsop, which is all of it
  • 8.8 ha of the Royal Oak Golf Course
  • 4 ha of the Prospect Lake Golf Course
  • Cedar Hill Golf Course 40 ha
  • TOTAL in ALR 126.2 ha

Overall total 380.1 ha which is about 18% of the ALR in Saanich.

There should be a move to get all of this ALR land back into a form so that it could be used for farming again.  The easiest ones would be the parks.    If the public does not want the park lands to be farmed, the land should be removed from the ALR.

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