City of Victoria 2022 Council Candidates

8 Councillors to be Elected

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Candidates that Have Announced as of August 16th

  1. Gary Beyer
  2. Jeremy Caradona
  3. Matt Dell
  4. Rafael Fuente
  5. Marg Gardiner
  6. Stephen Hammond - ran for mayor in 2018
  7. Ben Isitt - Incumbent since 2011.  Ran for Mayor in 2002 and 2005
  8. Susan Kim
  9. Krista Loughton
  10. Jordan Quitzou
  11. Dave Thompson
  12. Janice Williams
Might Run

  • Chris Coleman - On council from 1993 to 1999 and 2002 to 2018
  • Jeremy Loveday - incumbent
  • Sarah Potts - incumbent
  • Andrew Weaver
7 council candidates have received the Victoria Labour Council endorsement.   Details of the names as candidates release them or end of August when the VLC makes the full list public.

Recent Election Results

History and Trivia
  • Incumbent councillor Geoff Young is not running for re-election.   He served a total of 32 years on the city of Victoria council.    He was first elected in 1983 and served til 1999 and then was re-elected in 2005 and served till now.   He ran for mayor in 1999 coming third behind Alan Lowe and Bob Friedland

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