Central Saanich 2022 Council Candidates

 Six Councillors to be Elected

If you know of any information that would be helpful or relevant, please let me know - snassillahie@gmail.com

Candidates Announced as of August 15th

(this is work in progress, any information you might now about would be helpful.   Please email snassillahie@gmail.com)

  • Chris Graham - incumbent
  • Zeb King - incumbent
  • Jackie Lee
  • Gordon Newton - incumbent
  • Niall Paltiel - incumbent
  • Sarah Riddell
  • Bob Thompson - incumbent

Useful Links

1 council candidate has received the Victoria Labour Council endorsement.   Details of the name when the candidate releases it or at the end of August when the VLC makes the full regional list public.

All Candidates Meetings

Recent Election Results

History and Trivia

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