Saturday, April 13, 2013

2013 Central Saanich By-Election Results

Resutls for the April 13th 2013 Central Saanich by-election - 2 to be elected

  1. Alicia Cormier 872 elected
  2. Ryan Windsor  859 elected
  3. Bob Thompson  827
  4. John Hannam   813
  5. Chris Graham  745
  6. James McNulty 682
  7. Susan Mason   526
  8. Bernie Struck 361
The turn out seems to only have been about 2,900 people, that is down from 4,580 in the last municipal elections. (I will change this when I confirmation of the turnout)

That is really not the result I expected.   I am surprised Susan Mason did as badly as she did.  I had honestly thought the top two would be Chris Graham and Bob Thompson with Susan Mason coming a close third.

One of the councilors that stepped down was a Green, Adam Olsen.   Ryan Windsor is also a Green.

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