Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Traffic and Victoria

The Times Colonist running a series on traffic in the CRD this week.

After living in London and Vancouver, it is amusing to me think that people think that there are traffic issues in this city.

In London I worked just off of Oxford Street. Our office had about 50 staff. There were 2 parking spots for the whole company. You had to drive the car into an elevator to park it in the basement. At Elan Computing everyone commuted via public transit - everyone.

I also remember one very early morning having to drive my parents from North London to Heathrow. It was about 6 am in the morning and there was no traffic. It was amazing, the trip to the airport took 20 minutes instead of an hour to an hour and half.

The traffic in London was stunningly clogged. There was really no point in owning a car.

In Vancouver in the 1994/95 I spend some time working as a truck driver for a company. The traffic in the city is much less problematic than London, but still it had its moments.

Here in Victoria, I have seen almost nothing that I would call a traffic issue. Yes, there is a some backup along the number 1 during rush hour, but nothing very dramatic, nothing that takes any long time to get through. I do not see the issues of traffic here.

There are some changes that could be made to make things flow better.

1 - Make Mackenzie from #17 to #1 a freeway and make a proper freeway interchange at Mackenzie and #1
2 - look at how to deal with the traffic flow over the Bay Street bridge. Also look at the traffic flow along Craigflower
3 - Craigflower and Admirals - this needs help, but short of twinning the Old Island Highway and Admirals through to #1, I am not sure what one would do.

Really, all the issues are things people could live with.
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