Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just some views of the city

Here are just some pictures from around town from last night after dinner at Cafe Mexico.

The building with Sound Hounds at Oak Bay Junction has not changed since I first came to Victoria 25 years ago.

Market Square remains beautiful as a space but also remains dead as a public space.

Lower Johnson is one of the few street level retail areas that seems to be able to support decent long term businesses in this town. I love the feel of the street from Wharf to Government. The vibrant area extends along Government either direction for one block from Johnson. MEC is the only significant retailer to open something in street level in downtown Victoria in years.

The only other area downtown that seems to have a decent street side shopping is Fort between Government and Douglas with an extension down Broad street to Broughton.

What we are missing is anything like Robson Street. No major retailers are outside of the mall downtown in this city. Much of the worry about about the impact of the Eaton's Centre Mall (now the Bay Centre) has turned out to be true when it comes to retail downtown.
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