Thursday, May 12, 2011

LRT - the Questions that have to answered

  1. How many riders will there be and if there is an increase from bus passengers today, what evidence is there that the ridership would increase?
  2. LRT operations are expensive and need a lot or riders to cover the costs, how will the operational costs be covered if the ridership is not there?
  3. While BC Transit shut down the LRT if the ridership does not meet the needs?  We need a guarantee that if ridiership does not happen that the LRT will be scrapped.
  4. Why LRT when buses are more flexible, cheaper and can carry more people on the same route per hour?
  5. Where is the business case that the LRT makes any sense on any level?
  6. Is $1 billion for an LRT the best use of capital investment in transportation in this region?
  7. Will the property owners in the region have to pay a lot more property taxes to cover the costs?  How much more will we have to pay?
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