Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Park and Ride at the McTavish Interchange

Apparently BC Transit is spending $5 million on a park and ride at the Mctavish Interchange.   Apparently the Greater Victoria Transit Commission knows nothing of this project.   In my reading of their minutes and looking at the budgets, I missed this, but then it is only 5% of their 2010/11 budget.

I have no problem with the idea of a Park and Ride, but I do wonder what they are spending that much money on.   The number seems very high given the overall cost to build the interchange.  So where does the cost come in?

  • Is it the land?
  • Is it the paving?
  • Are they chipping in for the interchange?

I really have no idea where the expense comes in given that they already had a park and ride at that location and I would assume it was the responsibility of the province to replace it because they built over top of it.

So I ask again, what are they spending the money on?   They cut some bus service this year and raised property taxes this year to pay for this, I would like to know what it cost and what we are getting.
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