Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Two cool local sources of produce

I try to grow my own food, but lift gets in the way and I often manage to produce less than I would want.   When I need to supplement my production, there are two interesting small scale producers of vegetables in my neighbourhood.

1) Donald Street Farms

Deb Heighway operates a small farming operation out of her home at 3051 Donald Street.  She uses her backyard, and those of neighbours, to grow produce for sale.   She offers the produce for sale on Tuesday evenings from her driveway.

2) Glanford Greenhouses

The family has been operating at this site, 3968 Glanford, for more than 50 years.   The location is a short walk from McKenzie.  Only a short distance from a major commuter route there is this little amazing farm.

 It is amazing what they can grow on this small space - the property is just over an acre in size.  You also have to remember that it sits in the middle of suburban housing.   Most of the property is covered with their greenhouse.

They have amazing tomatoes.  In the fall I normally get a hundred to two hundred roma tomatoes to make into sauce.   They also offer scarlet runner beans, a vegetable that is rarely available in any store as they do not keep their amazing sweetness for more than a day once they are picked.  

They also have cucumbers, basil, peppers, seedlings, flowers and more available.   It is really worth going there and seeing what they have.

If you do go, remember you have to bring cash as they do not have debit.
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