Wednesday, June 08, 2011

20 questions that are unanswered about the LRT proposal

Here is a basic list of 20 questions that are unanswered about the LRT:

  1. Why go to an LRT if there is almost no time savings between the LRT and the current bus schedule?   The Victoria Regional Rapid Transit Project Report does not use currently scheduled times of the #50.
  2. Why choose the LRT option if the current capacity on buses is better?  In the peak hour of 4 pm to 5 pm the current buses that run all the way along Douglas can carry more people than the LRT when it opens
  3. How were the numbers come up with for ridership of the LRT?
  4. How would the LRT construction be paid for?   Even if 2/3s comes from senior governments, how would the last 1/3 be funded?
  5. How will access be managed to business on the east side of Douglas Street?
  6. What is the traffic consequence of the loss of lanes of traffic on Douglas Street in the Downtown Core?
  7. What is the traffic consequence in Victoria of not allowing any right hand turns off of Douglas going northbound?  As an example, how does the #4 get onto Hillside from Douglas?
  8. How will the interface between the LRT and the Galloping Goose be dealt with in the areas where there is almost no space for both to exist?
  9. Why did BC Transit use a subsidiarity of SNC Lavalin, Pacific Laicon, to do the consulting work on the Rapid Transit Project?  
  10. How can anyone trust that the recommendation of the LRT by Pacific Laicon was not done to give SNC Lavalin a new project to build?
  11. Why was the Victoria Regional Rapid Transit Project Report released with serious and obvious errors?   Current capacity of buses and their trip times are two obvious errors.
  12. Why do all the errors seem to be in favour the LRT in the report written by Pacific Laicon?
  13. How will the added $10 million a year operating deficit from the LRT after savings from replaced bus routes are accounted for be funded?
  14. What bus routes will be replaced or shortened because of the LRT?
  15. What bus routes will need to be cut outside of the LRT corridor to ensure enough funding to operate the LRT?
  16. What is the impact of a 40 metre long LRT train on 78 metre long downtown blocks?
  17. What evidence is there that any property values would rise if there is no significant increase in traffic on the LRT when compared to buses currently?
  18. What happens to transit in James Bay if there is no longer a #30 or #31?
  19. What is the impact on workers that currently commute to jobs in and around the Legislature given that the LRT end of the line will add an extra 600 metre walk to their office?
  20. How many transit riders will be lost because people will have longer commutes because they now need to transfer?
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