Monday, September 20, 2010


We now have three declared candidates in the race now

Barry Hobbis
Marianne Alto
Pedro J Mora

I will start by saying I know nothing about the third candidate, I just got his announcement in my email.  I will post the text of his pamphlet in a separate post.
Hello Komrades,
I am not retiring yet from our chaotic society. Instead, I am running for city council in Victoria, so if you are an eligible voter in Victoria, and the spirit moves you to nominate me, please let me know, so we can get your signature on my nomination application.
If you are not an eligible voter in Victoria, but have some friends who are, please forward it to them.
Please find attached my platform pamphlet.
Pedro J. Mora
I vote therefore I count!

Meanwhile Barry Hobbis and Marianne Alto have both run for council before and neither one ran impressive campaigns in the past.

Barry ran in 2008 and came a distant 15th, though he ran the campaign as a lone wolf and this time around has a campaign team.  It also makes difference that there is a very small field.    I see a vote for Barry as a vote of non-confidence in the Mayor and a vote against an new bridge.

Barry announced months ago, but I am seeing little evidence of a campaign from him on the ground, I know it is early, but I had thought I might have seem something more since labour day.

Marianne ran in 2005 for the VCE - the former NDP municipal farm team that elected Dean Fortin and Pam Madoff to council.   She came 10th and was only 54 votes out of getting elected.  Frankly I put her loss, and that of the other three VCE candidates that lost in 2005, down to the very weak and lackluster campaign that was run.   The VCE should have been able to win two to three more seats in that election.

I would call her the pro Mayor candidate, the status quo candidate.  She should also benefit from an endorsement of the Victoria Labour Council - though maybe not as much as I would normally expect in a by-election as the voter turn out is likely to be higher because of the borrowing referendum for the bridge.

If Alto wins, the dynamic of council remains much as it is now.  If Hobbis wins the dynamic changes, but the 'left of centre' core group on council still has a functioning majority.

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Mike Laplante said...

LOL. Vote Pedro?

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