Monday, September 20, 2010

Text of Pedro J Mora's campaign pamphlet

Victoria City Council by-elections
November 20, 2010

Here is your opportunity to start a new political system.

Currently, voting on Election Day,

You legally abdicate your responsibility to make any more political decisions.

You legally assign all decision making to the political representative of your choice.

Consequently, you legally disempower yourself from effectively participating in any local political choices.

Consider an alternative political system,

Where you select a political delegate who will represent NOT his or her choices, but only the voter’s choices.

The public consensus shall be clearly measured on a perpetual, secure polling system, similar to

If you are ready to participate in self-governance, now is the time
to make a revolutionary political change… from the current “Representative Democracy” into “Direct Democracy”
Vote for your perpetual right to “Initiative, Referendum, & Recall”
Vote for Pedro J. Mora for City Councilor

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