Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A December 27th letter to the TC in favour of amalgamation

I only noticed this letter to the editor from December 27th in the TC.  I am posting the text here because old links on the TC website tend to disappear.

There are many efficiency experts in the Lower Mainland and in the lower Vancouver Island area who continually write about the great need for a regional police force in both areas.

I fall in with that bunch of arm-chair experts; however, I am unable to agree with the idea of only dealing with that one aspect of the inefficiencies that abound within all these little kingdoms.

Speaking mainly about the lower Island area, but keeping the parallel mess in the Lower Mainland in mind, one must wonder if we really need 13 mayors, 13 councils, 13 fire departments to name only a few of the duplicated and costly municipal services.

If we start dealing with this mess by forming a regional police organization, let’s do it right and do a complete amalgamation.

 Metropolitan Toronto was forced into it years ago; all the tears have dried up now and very few if any have looked back.

Charles Scheideman


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David Howell said...

all the tears have dried up now and very few if any have looked back.

Not sure everyone in a downtown Toronto ward would agree with that assessment: http://torontoist.com/2010/10/which_wards_voted_for_who_for_mayor/