Monday, October 13, 2014

For all the candidates out there - Halloween and Election Signs

This is a quick post to all the candidates out there that are running.

It is important you consider taking down your signs on October 31st for one day.   It is especially bad this year because Halloween is on a Friday night,  The city will be full of drunk people who will think it is fun to destroy election signs.

I have been involved in campaigning for over 30 years and the single worst night for sign destruction is Halloween.   I expect most of the signs on public spaces to be trashed on that night.   I expect even on private lawns for many of them to knocked down or stolen.

What you need to think about is distance to a bar or a big Halloween party.   Next thing to consider is any high visibility locations especially near major bus stops.  

The bigger coroplast signs will be spray painted, knocked down, split in two, disappear, or set alight.    The smaller signs will be ripped and their metal frames will be bent enough so that you can not use them.

The bigger the sign, the bigger the chance it will be destroyed or defaced.

I would suggest that all the candidates with signs up seriously consider taking them all down Friday afternoon.   Even if you are willing to endure the expense of the signs being destroyed, you are still the person responsible for tracking down and disposing of the wrecked signs.  If you do not take them down on October 31st, your campaign will spend more time on November 1st cleaning up the mess than the time it would have taken to take down the day before.   If you do not clean up, you will lose votes for the mess the signs make.

I have had to clean up partially burned coroplast signs, it is a mess and a waste or your time.  It is also a waste of money for your campaign

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