Friday, October 03, 2014

Fred Haynes - Candidate for Saanich Council

I had a chance to meet Fred Haynes a couple of weeks back and I was impressed.  He is running for Saanich council and I think would make an interesting addition to the council.

Fred would make a good councilor for a number of reasons:

  • He is outgoing and not shy to speak with people
  • He listens well
  • He is intelligent and has an analytically mind
  • He strives for excellence

These are all qualities that are important to me when making a decision on who to vote for.   In the case of Saanich he brings one more important quality, I think he will shake things up.

I like a lot of the current councilors in Saanich but I feel that overall that the municipality is without any real vision or direction.   It is as if the status quo is good enough.  I think the council needs someone to be elected that can  bring some passion to the council table.  I think Fred Haynes can do that.

Saanich is the largest municipality in the region, it should be functioning as the defacto leader for the Greater Victoria.   It will only get there if the sense of complacency that pervades city hall is challenged

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