Thursday, April 26, 2007

Douglas Express Bus Lane

As I would have expected, there are businesses complaining about the proposed express bus because it would remove their parking on the street.

Given the look and feel of Douglas from Herald st to Finlayson is a reasonably dead zone already for any sense of community and shopping. It strikes me as the best and highest use for this road is to move people in and out of town quickly. Adding the next stage of transit evolution in this region is the addition of ways to speed up the buses. This work on Douglas is the start.

From here we should look at things like the B line buses in Vancouver. I would argue that making the #14 and #26 into something like a B line bus.

The Douglas improvements will move the buses out of the core quicker, but then at Tillicum and Mackenzie there needs to more work done to get the buses through those intersections quicker.

There also needs to be some considerations of moving the buses faster out to the peninsula. There need to be bus queue jumper lanes at the lights. The #70 has to be much, much faster in getting into town. Ideally we should have an express bus down the Pat Bay Hwy from the ferry downtown. Ideally there would be a Sidney local bus that would connect to the Pat Bay Hwy Express Bus. Another local one in Central Saanich to do the same. Ideally this should shave time off of the trip, save 15 to 25 minutes off of the trip downtown.
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