Thursday, April 12, 2007

Traffic Patterns in Victoria - Bay and Tyee

I often have to go over the Bay Street or Point Ellice Bridge. At the corner of Bay and Tyee I can see all the new office buildings going up - only a few short years ago there were none there, now there is one done and occupied, a second almost finished and two more underway.

The traffic at the corner of Bay and Tyee has become very busy and is rapidly approaching gridlock. There is only one travel lane in all direction.

It is not uncommon to be stopped on the Victoria side of the bridge while waiting to go through the light.

Bay is then held up at Bridge Street - the back up runs almost all the way through to Tyee. Bridge is also backing up.

The traffic into and out of the Vic West Shopping Centre is also not great. The light at Wilson and Tyee keeps portions of the parking lot gridlocked.

People are living in all the condos in Vic West and in many cases working farther away - out at UVic, Royal Roads, Viatec, Keating X road and elsewhere. The development has spawned a lot of reverse commuters.

With the new office buildings in the area and new Railyards, I predict that the Tyee/Bay intersection will come to a grinding halt by the end fall of this year.
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