Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Capital Region and the Electoral Boundaries Commission

The BC EBC has not proposed any new ridings to be added to Vancouver Island, but they have recommended a wholesale re-org of the boundaries for the Capital Regional District.

As of now there are 7 CRD ridings with two pulling in populations from outside - Malahat Juan de Fuca and Saanich North and the Islands.

The proposal reduces the CRD to 6 from effectively 7.

The changes leave a number of MLAs without obvious homes

Carole James - Currently Victoria Beacon Hill. Does she run in Victoria Oak Bay? Is that not a riding that is much more Liberal?

Maurine Karaganis - Esquimalt Metchosin - Does she run in Victoria Esquimalt

David Cubberly - Saanich South is roughly the same as Saanich West.

Murray Coell - Saanich North and the Islands does not change

Rob Flemming - Victoria Hillside - no idea where

Ida Chong - Oak Bay Gordon Head - I persume in Saanich East, but maybe Victoria Oak Bay.

John Horgan - Malahat Juan de Fuca - Juan de Fuca? Or north of the Malahat?
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