Saturday, June 21, 2008

2008 Civic Elections in Greater Victoria

Well, here is the task of the year. I am going to try and list on the sidebar here all the people running for all of the offices in the CRD this year.

I am a reasonably well informed person when it comes to politics, but even I had huge problems in 2005 in being able to find out much about the people running in one municipality. I think the public of Greater Victoria would be served well if there was one place to go to read about candidates. No one did this in 2005, 2002 or 1999. Lets see if I can do it.

I am going to have all the websites about candidates linked here that I can find.

I will try and meet as many of the candidates as I can between now and November. I will post my impressions of as many of them as I can. I would like to also track who is endorsed by which groups.

I will be listing at the top of the page the people I support - it will be an iconoclastic list.

I will try to have all the all candidate meetings listed.

Please let me know about any candidates or please get them in contact with me.

ps Give me a few weeks to get this rolling
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