Friday, June 20, 2008

Police Incident on Harriet Road Last Night

Should we cry? Should we laugh? Who knows.

Last night about 10:30 there was a VERY drunk guy standing in the middle of Harriet Road screaming at the top of his lungs that he was going to beat the crap out of someone. I called 911 - as did other neighbours. This guy was violent and irrational looking enough that I did not want to deal with him seeing me and coming up to my house, though he seems to have gone through my yard earlier.

Shortly there after the cops arrive - this should be the end of the problem, right?

Not one cop car, numerous cop cars arrive, an ambulance arrives, the street is cordoned off, the media arrives. This circus continues on for several hours. My bedroom walls were flickering blue and red like a bad disco.

They all finally clear out sometime after 1:30 in the morning.

So what happened? I had no idea. There was nothing in today's media telling me what happened.

A few minutes ago I noticed Stephen Andrew out on the street in front of my house - A Channel was back. I went out to ask them what happened.

Harriet Road is the boundary between Victoria and Saanich - that was the problem. No one could decide who was responsible, which police force should investigate. The guy was bleeding from falling at the party he had been at but the police feared that he may have been stabbed, so that had to close the street and get a detective in. It took till 1:30 for the detective to arrive because no one could decide who was responsible.

The word of possible stabbing explains the arrival of the media.

Three hours of multiple police officers from two municipalities were hanging out on Harriet Road. All this to deal with one drunk.

Harriet Road is in the middle of our neighbourhood but for the police it is some sort of bureaucratic barrier. I worry now what happens if I phone 911 from my phone to deal with a fire - I have no idea which fire department I would be routed to and if they would come or argue?

We need to amalgamate now, this having police forces that act on imaginary lines and do not operate based on neighbourhoods is irrational.
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