Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Taken from Monday Magazine

Too much 2020 vision

Maybe it’s just us, but there seems to be a distinct lack of creativity when it comes to putting a name to discussions on civic politics in the city—or maybe its just the limitations of trying to come up with catchy alliterations involving the letter “V.”

This is in today's Monday. I find it humorous that somehow they have noticed what I post here from time to time.... Even though Dean Fortin will likely be elected mayor and will likely do a decent and competent job as mayor, vision is not something I see coming from him. Odds are not his favour for him getting my vote, but much will depend on who else runs.


Take the slogan on Dean Fortin’s invitation to his aforementioned candidacy announcement, “A Vision for Victoria.” This should not be confused with the ongoing blog on local affairs from observer Bernard Schulmann called “Victoria Vision.”

Then there is the newly launched website from BC Liberal organizer David Davies called “Victoria2020—A clear vision,” which has already set about questioning the credibility of left-leaning candidates Fortin and Pieta VanDyke.

Davies’ website name sounds perplexingly like that of the Downtown Victoria 2020 group——which hosted a series of public forums a few years ago seeking ways to bring vibrancy back to the core and now hopes to see its objectives revived as possible election issues in November.

Stay tuned for Monday’s election blog, tentatively titled

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