Thursday, June 05, 2008

That Vision Thing

All I can say is that I started the blog because of my main pet peeve about Victoria, the lack of any vision of greatness for this city.

Given that we are in an amazing geographic location and given that we have all the pieces one needs for a great city, why are not better known than somewhere like Salzburg? Or Austin Texas?

The idea is to have a place for me to think out loud about a vision for our city. The downside of putting my views out there so publically is that I have killed any chance of ever being a successful politician in this city - though that is an upside for my wife.

In retrospect, anything with vision is such an automatic for ueber political spin masters out there, especially politicians that would never more than just tweak the status quo (Vision Vancouver comes to mind)

I would love to hear what people think it would take to make Victoria a world class great city.

Give me your ideas, or tell me where we can begin the debate.
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