Friday, June 20, 2008

Vote for Chris Coleman

I figure it is time to state who I am supporting and why in the local elections.

I will support Chris Coleman for council or for mayor - I really think he should run for mayor of Victoria as there is no one else I have met that would make a better mayor for this city at this time.

I will put signs for him and campaign for him.

Chris is thoughtful. Many people get elected to local government as prep to become an MLA or MP, I do not see that as significant motivation for Chris. Chris also really gets the concept of civic engagement, this is the single most important issue for me and the major reason I was so disappointed by last night's Saanich Civic League meeting.

Chris is not non partisan, but post partisan. What I mean by that this term is that Chris has clear political beliefs but he is not weighed down by adhering to an ideology and is more interested in being able to make a good decision that is driven by good information. He can work with anyone that is willing to discuss core values and interests and find some common ground or some common respect for differences.

Chris is also someone that can unite our city in developing a vision for our future.
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