Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back from the Interior

I was gone to the interior for my niece's wedding in Coldstream. We staying in Salmon Arm, a new Okanagan/Shuswap place for me to be located out of. In my youth it was all around Penticton. Then in 1986 Beatrice moved to Vernon and then in 1989 I married Catherine in Kelowna. Sheila's family is from Salmon Arm, so there is a new end of the valley that will see me several times a year.

We took our time driving up and stopped at some interesting spots along the way.

So, what is happening in Victoria and local elections? Nothing. Very quiet out there. There was an editorial in the Victoria News about the lack of people coming out of the wood work to run for office. I will likely publish very little about the local elections till after my Sayward Lakes trip with the 3rd Douglas Sea Scouts.

There is one small thing to mention - people are not going to be allowed to chain their chairs to the railings for the Symphony Splash days and days ahead. I like this change. Each year I go down with the kids to the performance and we end up on the lawn of the legislature and can see nothing. I would be nice to have a chance to get some seats where you can see something. I would be nice to have fairness for everyone to get the chance to sit on the causeway. I would love a lottery for the location, this would be a way for the Splash to raise some money.

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