Friday, July 11, 2008

Bea Holland not running

So now there are three confirmed vacancies on Victoria City Council in the up coming election. This makes for a very wide open election for new people to run and get elected to the council.

But where are the people who might want to get elected to Victoria City Council? I have not heard about a lot of people willing to run for office and have a serious campaigns in an attempt to get elected.

Not having the VCE for this election is looking like an even dumber move on the part of the local New Democrats than previously thought. Frankly the VCE would have been well placed to take all three vacant slots on council.

I am expecting to see the Greens run three people for council this time around, Sonya Chandler, Phillipe Lucas and one more.

I expect to see Denise Burrows and Shannon Renault make runs again for council. I heard Denise on CFAX the other day and she sounded like she was gearing up to run. Both of them have reasonable odds of getting elected this time.

This being July, I do not expect to have much happen with respect to people announcing they are running for office.
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