Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Facebook Groups for Local Election

Facebook is the big thing of the moment, I am curious how well anyone is doing in making use of it. Age is an issue with facebook, the younger you are the more likely you are to be using facebook all the time.

In Kelowna Kevin Craig is running for city council and has a facebook group with 243 members. This guy is only 19 and realistically should have no chance of winning. What he does seem to be able to do is use his facebook network.

So how are people doing in Victoria? Badly

Lana Popham Saanich Council - 10 members - though the group was just started last week.

Dean Fortin for mayor - 85 members. Dean, like myself, is middle aged and can be excused because our generation does not get facebook.

Victoria Greens 51 members. The Greens, if they are too matter, should be doing much, much better than this. And one of the group members is me....

Simon Nattrass has nothing on facebook I could find

Judy Brownoff - Saanich Council - has just started a group

In Central Saanich, Sean McNulty - running for mayor - has a healthy 270 members in his facebook group.

I will update what I find on facebook that relates to the elections in the fall.
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