Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So who else will be running for mayor in Central Saanich?

I got an email of the Sean McNulty press release from his facebook today. Seems he has knocked on 1000 doors.

That is a reasonably impressive number of doors to have knocked on, and this early in the campaign. In theory this means he has reached about one sixth of the population. This guy is clearly going gung ho on the retail politics.


PRESS RELEASE - Sean McNulty’s Mayoral Campaign in Central Saanich knocks on the doors of over 100
To members of Sean McNulty for Mayor of Central Saanich

Sean McNulty’s quest to be the youngest Mayor in Canadian History hit a huge milestone on Friday, July 11th with the 1000th door knocked. Sean has committed to knocking on all 6000 houses in the district, a first for municipal politics.

“It’s been a fantastic, educational experience.” Sean said, “I recommend anyone who’s thinking of getting into municipal politics to get out there, knock on as many doors as possible and find out how you can best serve the shareholders of your municipality”.

Sean McNulty is part of operating two Central Saanich Family Businesses in Island View Golf Center, Five Star Paving and on the board of directors at the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce. He has been interacting with both the city council and municipal employees since 2005.

“The first thing I noticed when I started going to council meetings was the adversarial attitude Mayor, Council and staff had with the people of Central Saanich” Sean reflects, “I believe Municipal Government ought to work with the people rather than against them and allow bottom up growth to happen within the community.”

Sean launched his campaign in November of 2007 and has been innovating on the political process as he goes. His website, www.seanfomayor.com, boasts 100% transparency, tells the voters in a straightforward fashion what he’s all about and responds to questions right in the public’s eye. The site also offers online video of his campaign platforms and accepts contributions via paypal.

“This campaign is about creating a platform that offers the people of Central Saanich a new direction! It is one that embraces creativity, innovation and individuality and makes a great place an even better place to live.”
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