Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Road Work that needs to be done in this region

The Greater Victoria area needs some more work to be done to improve the movement of goods and people around this city. Here are my sugestions for projects that need to be done:

  • Four laning Wilkinson road from Royal Oak to where it becomes Helmcken Road. The west Saanich region is growing. The corner of Interurban and Wilkinson is a nightmare when there is any traffic. You end up sitting through numerous cycles of the lights to get through the intersection. West Saanich needs an artieral road from Royal Oak to VGH. Wilkinson needs to have a bus on it, currently there is nothing on it, which is not surprising because the traffic does not allow a consistent schedule.
  • Four laning Interurban from where it starts are Burnside near Tillicum mall through to Camosun College. Once again, this would dramatically improve the horror corner at the Knockan Grill. This will improve the speed the 21 and 8 can get out to Camosun College.
  • The Mackenzie/Hwy #1 intersection needs an overpass. The traffic splits at this location when coming into town, part going further into town and part out on Mackenzie. There is also a moderate demand for traffic to get across the highway to Admirals from Mackenzie. This overpass is needed now to keep the traffic that is existing and the future growth to allow vehicles to move and not be sitting. Consideration should be given to removing the light at Burnside and Mackenzie and thereby removing the ability to cross Mackenzie.
  • Hwy #1 and the Westshore parkway. This needs an overpass ASAP because all the problems of Spencer Road will simply move to this location and frankly will get a lot worse with the huge Westhills development going in. This is more important than the Malahat. The issues with the Malahat are all related to stoppages due to accidents on the road than traffic. The traffic on the Malahat is still manageable.
  • Interchange at Hwy#1 and McTavish - the demand to get to the airport is growing at the same time traffic in from the ferry and Sidney is rising. This means rebuilding the end of McTavish road and the road to the airport.
  • Sayward Road and Hwy #17 - this location needs something to be done to allow the traffic to flow, the problem is that building an interchange here would be very difficult.
  • Haliburton and Hwy #17 - this light has to be replaced with an interchange to allow for efficient movement of people on the highway. Another option would be the closing of this access to the highway as a light and only exit and entry in on direction. With these last two gone, you have light free driving from Town and Country through to Mount Newton Cross Road.

These are what I believe are the core road works needed for this region now.
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