Friday, August 01, 2008

Two more candidates for Mayor

Georgia Jones is making a comeback tour - last time she must have swept her friends and family and not much else. She did nothing to campaign in 2005 though that campaign offers us the following from her through a questionnaire from the BC Environmental Network:

Georgia Jones

The candidate did not provide any biographical information, but submitted the following as answers to our questions.

The number one priority on this planet at this time is to preserve life. We must at every level of government for every decision decide if it is good for our environment - especially our air. I propose to close Cook and Pandora all the way to the water right over to the water all the way around James Bay to Cook and Dallas to motor-driven vehicles. As a tourist town, it would really put us on the map. We could have horse-drawn carriages of every shape and size. It would be like a return to 100 years ago. Victoria would be truly Victorian then the horses could breathe downtown.

My father used to sell horse dung in London for people's gardens. There would be a lot of work for young people driving them - taking care of the horses. We could sign a form when we ride so they could be government paid a proper living wage. If all the cities in the world did the same hmm... Maybe climate change melting ice caps is reversible.

Let's take action and smile into the face of doing something about it.

There is a leachate from Hartland Dump. Quote Victoria Coun. Denise Savoie "contaminants that are very serious... going into our marine environment."

This is far more serious than the recycling of paper, plastic and tin. We must have a collection point for all batteries, etc. Hire chemistry science grads to clean it now. This is the number one collection issue for Victoria now.

The sewage treatment facility is the number one issue for everyone, the building of which will give a lot of employment.

Also coming to the race is John C. Turner of Gap Ministries. I know nothing in any detail about him.

I would welcome these candidates if they put in a serious effort to get elected, but with no website, no presence on the ground, not even a press release, they are hardly serious candidates. Anyone running for mayor should be working harding in the election than in office. I am not happy when people simply put their name in the race and then do nothing to campaign. There is something to be said about making it a task to get on the ballot.

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