Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Saanich Municipal Election All But Over

I went visit a friend at the Cancer Clinic today and ran into former Saanich councilor Nicola Wade. Niki told me Jackie Ngai is not running for re-election.

This means that the six incumbents and two most serious candidates should have little or no difficulty in getting elected. It really is too late for someone new to come into the race and have any hope unless they are already well known to people.

It also means that turnout will be low in Saanich.

A strong race for mayor would have boosted voter turn-out, but I have not seen Harald Wolf actively campaigning for mayor. If he was serious about winning I would have expected to see more signs from him out there than the federal candidates. I would have expected to see ads in the Saanich News, Burmashaves on the major roads, him on the radio etc.... But there is no visible evidence of a campaign from him so I expect we are going to see a defacto acclamation of Frank Leonard
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