Monday, November 17, 2008

The power of incumbency

In the region we had 50 sitting councilors run for re-election, only six of them lost. The core of the region did not see a single incumbent lose. The Peninsula saw the most lose, four out of fourteen running. Sooke was the only other municipality where any sitting councilors were defeated. When one adds the nine incumbent mayors, 60 incumbents ran and 51 were elected.

In the council races, North Saanich saw the defeat of Bob Williamson.

Central Saanich's Zeb King was defeated, which surprised me as I thought he was popular in that area.

Sidney saw Tim Chad come seventh and 130 votes away from retaining his council seat whereas Garry Crispin finished over 1000 votes out of a council seat.

Sooke saw Brenda Parkinson and Rick Amour defeated.

The race for the mayors was a bit more open. The region has six new mayors out of thirteen. Three sitting mayors were defeated, Mark Cardinal in the Highlands, Ted Daly in North Saanich and Chris Clement in Esquimalt. Seven incumbent mayors were elected again.

In total, 70 people that sat on a council from 2005-2008, 55 of them were elected to sit on council again. That is 80% of the people that sought to be elected again succeeded.

In total there are 34 new people serving as councilors and 2 new people serving as mayor.
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