Thursday, February 12, 2009

BC STV Training Workshop Sat Feb 14th

EVENT: STV Training workshop
TIME: Saturday Feb. 14, 10 am to noon
PLACE: Rm A307, Clearihue Bldg., U.Vic.

Dear STV Supporters:

Now that many of you have signed up for a STV Action Team, you will want more detailed information about STV and how to respond to questions than you may yet have available.

This is a basic-information workshop designed to provide information for people wearing STV buttons who are asked what STV is about, and for people canvassing door-to-door. In other words, it's a workshop for just about anybody who is not totally comfortable with answering questions about STV.

There will be more detailed workshops for those who may want to write letters or articles about STV, or who may be asked to speak about STV at a public event later, but this workshop could be a good grounding if you're not totally familar with the topic.

Wendy Bergerud, President of the Victoria Branch of Fair Viting BC, will tell us how she would answer questions from the public, and ask for experiences of others who are attending the worklshop. After 40 minutes or so, we'll break into smaller groups and do some role-playing so that at least some of us will have an opportunity to hone our STV answering-skills.

If you've any questions, please write to

Hope to see you on Saturday!

Philip Symons, Organizer
Capital Regional District
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