Monday, March 16, 2009

Victoria Daily Photo Blog

Benjamin Madison does this blog which is a photo from the Victoria area each and every day. Over the weekend he reached the one year mark.

Most blogs are self indulgent rants, rambling meaningless things, repetitive or re-posts of what others have written. I know this because too often what I am posting fits into one of more of the categories. Benjamin manages to avoid this with his approach. He makes an interesting point about how setting a specific goal of one pic a day pushed him to do it consistently and I think better than waiting to only post 'the best'. I suspect many of his posts that he has seen as being not that good are the ones that have touched other people in ways he can not think of.

I enjoy looking at it every day and seeing what he is choosing. Often his images set of a new direction of thinking in my head about this city.

Keep up the good work Benjamin
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