Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Observations on the Election

It is less than three weeks to election day and here are my observations on the election in this region.

There fewer signs on lawns this time around than normally. The NDP seems to be doing the best in getting signs on lawns, but even in my area they are down from last time.

Very few people are interested in the election. There should be more of buzz going on in the papers, on the streets and online. At Vibrant Victoria, a local place to discuss urban development and politics for this region, there is almost no discussion of the election. I ask people about the election and people tell me they are not interested.

I do not get the sense of any local campaign that is taking off and getting the volunteers needed to make a big difference in the outcome.

At this time, given the general disinterest of the public, I believe that no sitting incumbent in this region will lose. I also think that Robin Adair will beat Lana Popham in Saanich South because there is nothing out there to indicate that she has pulled ahead of him in the campaign.
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