Wednesday, May 06, 2009

BC STV - a website where you try it out

I urge you to get better informed about BC STV and to let your friends and relatives know. First past the post is a relic from ancient times that has been abandoned in most of the democratic world because it is unfair and does not work well. BC STV is a voting system that will offer us:

  1. An end to strategic voting - you can not strategically vote in STV, you will never have to hold your nose in BC STV and chose the lesser of two evils.
  2. More choice - you will be able to chose who you like from the party you support.
  3. A fairer representation of public will - every MLA will have a positive personal mandate from the public and there will be more diversity in who is elected.
  4. There will no longer be any safe seats for parties, all 85 seats will be under competition with BC STV
  5. More responsive politicians - politicians that listen and act on local needs and concerns do well in STV

There are more benefits that come from BC STV, but that is enough for the moment.

Please take time to check out this website and try voting with BC STV.
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