Monday, June 22, 2009

I have been on a bit of a break from this

but I should be back online with things now.

I will be looking around for some interesting topics and things.

I was made aware of a blog called the Rainbow Park Ratepayers written by Mike Laplante - the blog is looking at issues for the Rainbow Park area of Saanich. Rainbow park is the hollow that has been left when the Mckenzie Ave was lengthened back some 20 odd years ago. The neighbourhood is bounded by Carey/Glanford, Mckenzie and the Pat Bay Highway.

I feel for this neighbourhood as it has been disconnected from most of the places around. I also realize I have never been in this neighbourhood. The closest I come is the Glanford Greenhouses on Glanford across from Ralph Street - a source for great tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and scarlet runner beans.

This neighbourhood is home to that large set of allotment garden spaces you can see when you come into town on the Pat Bay highway.

It sometimes amazes me there are neighbourhoods in this city that I do not know.

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